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Albion Area Arts Council Fine Arts Scholarship

Due to Mrs. Rittscher March 18, 2022

Albion Area Arts Council Scholarship

This scholarship is available to High School Seniors in all public and parochial school in Albion & Petersburg, Elgin, Cedar Rapids & Spalding, Fullerton, Lindsay, Newman Grove and St. Edward.

1.    The amount of the scholarship will vary depending upon the availability of funds.  The amount for 2022 is $500.00.

2.    To be eligible, applicants must be a High School Senior enrolled in a post-secondary institution and have displayed excellence in music, art, speech/drama or creative writing while in High School.  Preference will be given to those majoring or minoring in some aspect of Fine Arts or Fine Arts education.

3.    The student must be of good character.

4.    The award shall be payable to the college upon verification of enrollment.  This verification is the responsibility of the student.  The student must have the college notify their High School Guidance Counselor that registration for the student is complete.  It is also the responsibility of the student to provide the AAAC with all necessary contact information for the college's financial office.  

5.    A winner and an alternate will be selected.

*Applicants will be judged not only on their college major, academic standing and involvement in the arts, but also on the quality of their answers.  Please answer all questions thoroughly, please use spell check, and please proof read your application before submitting it.

Submit a typed application to Mrs. Rittscher no later than Friday, March 18th.  The application involved typing answers to the following on a separate piece of paper:  



Parent/Guardian Name:

High School

Cumulative Grade Point Average:

1.      Please list your art-related activities, both in school and in the community.

2.    Wht post-secondary institution do you plan to attend?

3.    What will your major field of study be and why?

4.    What are your future goals?

5.    Please share why the Fine Arts are important in your life.

Signature:                                                                                                        Date:

Please note:  It is recommended that applicants devote a paragraph to answering questions 3, 4, & 5.  

Note for Mrs. Rittscher: Mail to Albion Area arts Council, Paul & Lori Hosford, PO Box 124, Albion, NE 68620 

Phone (402)395-2633

Email arts2008@frontiernet.net