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Elgin Public Schools

School Counselor


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Elgin Public School Counsleor Program

Elgin Public School's Counseling Program Mission Statement: 

The mission statement of the Elgin Public School Counseling Program is to explicitly instruct and follow a developmental comprehensive school guidance curriculum that fosters successful skills and attitudes in the domains of academics, career, and personal/social that will insure its students to function competently in all facets of society.  The Elgin Public School Counseling Program is data driven and follows the framework of the current ASCA National Model.  The Elgin Public School Counseling Program works to maintain healthy as well as establish new and better school-family-community relationships, insuring productive members of society.   

Elgin Public School's Counseling Program Vision Statement:  

The students at Elgin Public School are high-achieving students who strive for excellence in their professional lives, who attain a balance of work and leisure, insuring healthy physical and emotional lives, who establish and maintain healthy relationships, and who live generatively.  Elgin Public School students value all professions, whether 4-year college graduate degree, trade-school, or other, seeking excellence in all career fields.  All students balance professional growth with the demands to live healthy lives.  All students value benefits of counseling.  Students from Elgin Pubic School embrace diversity, valuing differences of opinions, of values, and in cultures, in order promote greater sense of community.  As generative citizens of a global community, all students use their own strengths to improve self, others, their community, and their world.   

School Counseling Program Rationale

In alignment with Elgin Public School's mission statements, the Elgin Public School Counseling Program's Mission and Vision provide evidence of need for implementing more systematic developmental comprehensive school counseling program.  

Therefore, Elgin Public School's school counseling program needs to work toward a more comprehensive & developmental school counseling program.  To do so, the school counselor will refer to the resources and guidance provided by the American School Counseling Association National Model. 

American School Counselor Model Executive Summary

To develop a development comprehensive school counseling program assures that it is publicly posted and shared with stakeholders, and insures that the resident school counselor continues the work of his/her predecessor in moving the program toward a program that will work serve its mission and attain its vision.  In balancing duties of school counselor, the program will evolve toward ASCA National Model while still identifying yearly focus areas in the domains of academics, social/emotion, and career from revised school data profile:  curriculum, small group, and closing the gap.  The school counselor will provide leadership, advocacy, collaboration, and systemic change.  To do so, the school counselor will design, implement, manage and evaluate the fundamental components of the ASCA National Model:  Foundation, Management, Delivery, and Accountability.