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2021 NVC Art Show

The Elgin Public School 7-12 students competed at the NVC  Art Show on Friday, April 30th.  The show was hosted by Atkinson West Holt. 

The Junior High students earned 43 ribbons that included four Judge's Merit Awards (purples) for Outstanding  work, eleven blue ribbons for Superior work, nine red ribbons for Excellent work,  twelve Commendable ribbons (yellow) and seven Honorable Mentions (green) ribbons.

The nine High school Art students earned 40 ribbons that included two Judge's Merit awards, eight Superiors, eight Excellents, ten Commendables and ten Honorable Mentions.

Individual ribbon winners were

Theanna Dunn-1 Purple, 4 Blues, 1 Red, 2 Yellows and 1 Green

Riley Vitamvas-1 Purple, 1 Yellow and 1 Green

Jessica Getzfred-2 Blues, 5 Excellents, 3 Yellows and 1 Green

Kristopher Moreno-1 Blue, 1 Red and 3 Yellows

River Romej-1 Red, 1 Yellow and 1 Green

Isabella Smidt-4 Greens

Corbin Kinney-2 Greens


Junior High Ribbon Winners

Samantha Durre-1 Purple, 1 Blue and 1 Red

Kaeden Schwarting-1 Purple and 1 Blue

Austin Hinkle-2 Purples, 1 Red and 1 Yellow

Emma Kinney-1 Blue and 1 Yellow

Kate Furestenau-1 Blue, 1 Red and 1 Yellow

Sara Bode-1 Blue, 1 Red and 1 Yellow

Sonni Suhr-1 Blue, 1 Red and 1 Yellow

Chloe Henn-1 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Yellow and 1 Green

Jaidyn Schrad-1 Blue

Callie Heithoff-1 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Yellow and 1 Green

Lauren Vitamvas-1 Blue

Isabella Martinez-1 Blue

Halle Lueking-1 Red and 1 Green

Jarek Erickson-1 Yellow

Trissa Russell-1 Yellow

Creighton Harkins-1 Green

These students had their junior high work held back from last year since the show was cancelled due to Covid 19 and competed this year.

Blake Henn-1 Blue

Baylee Busteed-1 Red

Brenna Martinsen-1 Yellow

Myles Kittelson-1 Yellow

Gage Thiessen-1 Yellow

Dylon Lueking-1 Green

Nick Anderson-1 Green

Keyera Eisenhauer-1 Green