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1918 Elgin Public Basketball Team

Steve Borer, a former Elgin resident, recently ran across this photo postcard of the 1918 Elgin Public Basketball team on E bay.  He has generously donated it to our school.  There were not any names identifying the boys in the photo. The name "Dean Grant" was on the back of the postcard.

Looking back at the class rosters in the Alumni section, there weren't any boys in the Class of 1918.  

The Junior boys in the Class of 1919 were Floyd Reahm, John Carlson, Marvin Kirk, Fred Alderson, Eberett Cooper and Edwin Guffy. 

The only Sophomore boy in the Class of 1920 was Floyd Arehart.  

The Freshmen Class of 1921included Clifford Alderson, Edward Filsinger, William Hads, Elmer Kinney, William Spurling and a Daly Link, which I'm not sure if that is a girl's or boy's name.

Does anyone recognize a grandparent or great-grandparent or even a great-great-grandparent?  Send us your feedback if you do!

Do you recognize anyone?

Margaret Wright Pryor
Bakersfield, CA

Apr 26, 2011

Daly Link was the brother of Stella Link who worked in the Bank of Elgin for many years (40's&/50's). He became a pharmicist) and lived in Ainsworth.